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NYT Spelling Bee Answers February 13 2024

Check out the NYT Spelling Bee Answers on February 13 2024 along with other details related to NYT Spelling Bee puzzle.

by J Divya

Updated Feb 13, 2024


NYT Spelling Bee Answers February 13 2024

NYT Spelling Bee Answers February 13, 2024

The solutions to the puzzles in the NYT Spelling Bee, which were printed on February 13, 2024, are as follows:

4 Letter Answers:

  • alga
  • apex
  • axel
  • axle
  • exam
  • gaga
  • gage
  • gala
  • gale
  • gall
  • game
  • gape
  • glam
  • lama
  • lame
  • lamp
  • leap
  • mage
  • male
  • mall
  • mama
  • meal
  • mega
  • page
  • pale
  • pall
  • palm
  • palp
  • papa
  • peal
  • plea

5 Letter Answers:

  • agape
  • algae
  • algal
  • ample
  • apple
  • eagle
  • gamma
  • gleam
  • lapel
  • legal
  • lemma
  • llama
  • magma
  • mamma
  • maple
  • pampa
  • papal

6 Letter Answers:

  • agleam
  • allege
  • allele
  • appall
  • appeal
  • gaggle
  • mammal
  • paella
  • palapa

7 Letter Answers:

  • amalgam
  • example

8 Letter Answers:

  • megaplex
  • appellee

New York Times ALL Word Game Answers Today

Today, we successfully solved puzzles from various New York Times games, including Wordle, NYT Connections, NYT Spelling Bee, and the Crossword. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience as we tackled each challenge with determination and skill.

NYT Spelling Bee

NYT Spelling Bee is a word game. It was made by Frank Longo after an idea from Will Shortz. They got the idea from the puzzle game called "Polygon" in The Times. In 2014, the game started as a weekly feature in The New York Times Magazine.

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In "Spelling Bee," players try to make as many words as they can from a list of words chosen by the editor each day. They can only use certain letters, and each word must have the main letter given in the puzzle.

NYT Spelling Bee Answers -FAQ

1. What is the NYT Spelling Bee, and how do I play it?

NYT Spelling Bee is a word game featured in The New York Times Magazine. To play, you need to make words using 7 letters arranged in a honeycomb grid, with each word being at least four letters long. Your words must include the center letter of the grid, and you can use each letter multiple times for points.

2. How often does NYT Spelling Bee release new puzzles, and when are they available?

NYT Spelling Bee features new puzzles regularly, typically on a daily basis. These puzzles become available in The New York Times Magazine and online for players to enjoy.

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