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Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Discover the unspoken language of sitting positions. From straight knees exuding intelligence to crossed legs revealing artistic inclinations, each posture subtly communicates unique facets of personality

by S Samayanka

Updated Nov 29, 2023


Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Personality Test

A Personality Test is a psychological assessment tool designed to evaluate an individual's characteristic patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. It aims to uncover aspects of a person's personality, such as introversion or extroversion, emotional stability, openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness. These tests often utilize standardized questions and scenarios to measure and categorize various personality traits.

Employers use them for hiring decisions, while psychologists employ them for therapeutic insights. They're also widely employed in self-discovery and personal development. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five Personality Traits are popular models. While they offer valuable insights, it's important to interpret results with caution, recognizing that personality is complex and can be influenced by various factors, including context and personal growth.

Types of Sitting Positions

  • One Knees Straight
  • Knees Apart
  • Crossed Legs
  • Four Ankle Crossed
  • Figure four Leg Lock

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What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Type 1:One Knees Straight

Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Sitting with your knees straight not only promotes good posture but also conveys a positive image to others. Those who adopt this posture are often perceived as intelligent, rational thinkers, and punctual individuals. The straight-knee sitters are viewed as smart workers, embodying qualities such as diligence and efficiency. Additionally, they are associated with a love for cleanliness, symbolizing an organized and well-maintained approach to their surroundings.

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The observers also tend to see them as honest individuals, though they may carry an air of reserve. Overall, sitting with straight knees sends subtle signals about a person's character and work ethic. This posture speaks volumes, silently communicating qualities that include intelligence, reliability, cleanliness, and honesty. It's a non-verbal language that shapes the perception others have of individuals who maintain such a composed and upright seated position.

Type 2:Knees Apart

Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Sitting with knees apart is often associated with certain personality traits. Individuals who adopt this posture are sometimes perceived as self-centered, arrogant, and judgmental. The assumption is that they possess a short attention span and tend to get bored quickly. While it's essential to approach such generalizations with caution, societal stereotypes can lead to these perceptions. People may unintentionally make judgments based on non-verbal cues, such as body language.

It's crucial to recognize that everyone is unique, and behaviors like sitting with knees apart don't definitively define a person's character. Interpretations of body language vary, and individuals may adopt certain postures for reasons unrelated to personality traits. Engaging in open-minded conversations and avoiding snap judgments can help foster understanding and break down stereotypes, allowing for a more inclusive and accepting society.

Type 3: Crossed Legs

Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

The third sitting position involves crossing the legs. Individuals adopting this pose at times are considered to possess artistic inclinations. Those who sit with crossed legs often exhibit traits associated with creativity, imagination, and a dreamy disposition. However, this posture can also suggest a defensive or closed-off demeanor.

People who choose this sitting arrangement may be inclined towards expressing themselves through artistic pursuits, showcasing a vivid imagination and a tendency to dream big. Conversely, the crossed-leg stance might serve as a subtle shield, hinting at a defensive or reserved nature. In essence, the crossed legs position appears to be linked to a spectrum of characteristics, ranging from artistic and creative tendencies to a potential inclination towards introspection and guardedness.

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Type 4: Four Ankle Crossed

Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Position number four involves sitting with your ankles crossed. Adopting this posture not only exudes elegance but also communicates refinement, down-to-earth qualities, and confidence. The crossed ankles suggest a regal and ambitious demeanor, reflecting a poised and self-assured attitude. However, this position can also convey defensiveness. The act of crossing ankles creates a physical barrier, indicating a potential guardedness or protective stance.

Despite this defensive aspect, overall, sitting with crossed ankles is associated with a positive and impressive image, portraying someone who is sophisticated, self-assured, and goal-oriented. It's a non-verbal expression that communicates a blend of grace, confidence, and ambition, making a statement about one's personality and approach to situations.

Type 5: Figure four Leg Lock

Personality Test: What Your Sitting Positions Say About You?

Position number five is characterized by a figure-four leg lock. This sitting posture exudes confidence, dominance, youthfulness, and a sense of security. When assuming this position, you appear both assertive and secure in your stance. It reflects a state of contentment, showcasing a spirited and competitive spirit.

The figure-four leg lock further emphasizes a level of confidence and control. This sitting posture suggests a dynamic and youthful energy, projecting an image of being at ease while maintaining a competitive edge. The overall demeanor is one of self-assuredness and readiness for argumentative discussions. In essence, sitting in position number five communicates a blend of confidence, competitiveness, and a content disposition, making it a posture that conveys both strength and a youthful, secure attitude.

What Your Sitting Positions Say About You? - FAQs

1. Why are Personality Tests used?

Employers use them for hiring, psychologists for insights, and individuals for self-discovery.

2. What are common personality models?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Big Five Personality Traits.

3. How does sitting with straight knees impact perception?

Signals intelligence, reliability, cleanliness, and honesty.

4. What does sitting with crossed legs suggest about a person?  

Indicates artistic inclinations, creativity, imagination, and potential defensiveness.

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