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  3. Semantle Answer Today February 12 2024

Semantle Answer Today February 12 2024

The answer to Semantle 742 Today February 12 2024 is WITHDRAW. Get to know more about Semantle game from the below article.

by J Divya

Updated Feb 12, 2024


Semantle Answer Today February 12 2024


If you are a worlde player then you can try this interesting word game Semantle. You can try this game by visting its official website semantle.com

Semantle is a game where you try to guess a secret word, but instead of guessing based on how words are spelled, you guess based on what they mean. It's a game that tests your understanding of word meanings to figure out the secret word.

In the game Semantle, a perfect guess gets a score of 240, and you win. But even when you're very close to the right answer, the score usually won't go much higher than 75.

The lowest score can technically be -240, indicating a complete opposite meaning, but in reality, it's rare to get a score lower than -34. So even if your guess is quite different from the secret word, the score won't be much lower than -34.

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Semantle Answer Today February 12, 2024

Semantle Answer Today February 12 2024 is WITHDRAW.

Stanected with us for the upcoming Semantle Answers.

Semantle Answer Today -FAQ

1. What is today's Semantle Answer?

Semantle Answer for Today February 12 2024 is WITHDRAW

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